Jackrabbit; a Memoir

This spark, this suffering, this recovery is recounted and described in the memoir, Jackrabbit where on a narrow country road a car went out of control, snapping a telephone pole and nearly cutting the car in two, leaving the passenger in serious condition. So began the six-story odyssey of a young man in his first year of college.

His name is Shawn Lyons. In boyhood he had been a model student, a good kid, Eagle Scout, and obedient. As a teenager, he channeled an unknown defiance into long-distance running and discovered a talent that carried him to the campus of Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo. But on the night of his nineteenth birthday, the athlete  became a near-death survivor where he embarked on a journey through the next three decades of his life that led to accomplishments and failures, wins and losses. 

His life-purpose as a runner came to a halt. He became overloaded in the fear of being a failure and faced no possibility of success. He finally accepted he could not run but  he didn’t have an answer when he heard him told do life in a different way. He had to convince himself that he was okay and accept that he wasn’t wrong. He did not dismiss his desires and it was left up to him to learn and become a better person. 

But what was the voice?  

He was unable to understand his thinking. His life was physical body with performance and goals, acknowledging only distance and time. Life passed by. Then in the perfect timing of life, he was introduced to the discipline of developing self-awareness

A beacon of light illuminated his unawareness and he strained to accept the reality there was more to life than running. He vowed to discover what that was. 

 Years of recovery, endless injuries, and battles of self-doubt, lay ahead of Lyons as he blazed a trail of discovery while driven to the limits of endurance, Lyons would answer  desperation with desire and developed a fortitude and the will to never give up. He answered brutality with denial. His fate, whether triumph or tragedy, would be suspended in the un-relentless effort to give up his will of how he thought it should be and let go into how it was to be.

In his memoir, a story rich with life experiences and consequences, Shawn Lyons writes with a rich and vivid narrative voice, telling an unforgettable story of a man’s journey into a personal darkness and a spiritual awakening, testament to the reliance and resilience of the human mind and body. The ultimate battle between life and death that challenges values and beliefs. Shining the light within a man’s heart and soul while overcoming endless obstacles of adversity, Lyons gives us a living example of inspiration, and courage, and the dedication to keep going and never give up.